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Oilfield Production Testing for the Permian Basin

Fusion Testing will take specific production and completion tests to monitor the pressure, temperature, flow rate, and overall composition of specific areas in your oil well. The size and complexity of your well makes it extremely difficult to keep an eye on each and every square inch of your system firsthand. Oilfield production testing will be done to keep track of each area of the well so that nothing slips through the cracks.

We help you track your oil well's productivity & plan improvements

Production and completion testing will help us keep track of the overall efficiency of your oil well and how well it’s completing the tasks it’s designed for. We will monitor the production of your well and discuss ways we can improve your productivity. Production and completion testing are essential to accomplish this. To learn more about our oilfield production services, please contact us today. We will be happy to help your business from Artesia and Carlsbad, NM to Midland and Odessa, TX and everywhere in between.

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The production and completion tests Fusion Testing will run on your well include tests of the areas such as your master valve, frac trees, manifolds, liners, BOP stacks, lubricators, wireline, and more.

Each test is essential for ensuring the overall productivity of your oil well. If you need to run tests on your well, trust Fusion Testing since we have the experience and expertise to perform oilfield production tests the right way in an open hole to capture the results you’re looking for.

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