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Hydrostatic Testing for the Permian Basin

To keep your oil well running efficiently, it needs to stay at a proper pressure level and steer clear of safety hazards such as leaks and wear and tear. Regular testing of your pressure system and the strength of your pipes will need to be done to make sure your system is in tip-top shape.

Choose Fusion Testing for all your hydrostatic testing needs in Midland, TX and Odessa, TX. Fusion Testing specializes in hydrostatic testing, also known hydro testing. This is a direct measure of the hydrostatic pressure in your system. Testing your pressure helps to identify leaks, weak spots, and other problems that threaten the overall health of your system.

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Simple Hydrostatic Testing

Fusion Testing uses the best equipment in the industry to test your oil well’s pressure system. Our tests will keep you up to speed with class changes, line reversals, leaks, weaknesses, and other changes to your system. We will provide a full, detailed summary once the test is complete.

Hydrostatic testing can be done on key areas of your oil well such as your BOP stacks, production trees, flanges, manifolds, and more. Fusion Testing also provides hydraulic “torc” wrench service that’s available in all trucks. Call us today to schedule hydrostatic testing anywhere within a 150-mile radius of Midland, TX.


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