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Accumulator Testing for the Permian Basin

Accumulators are the part of a hydraulic oil well system that stores energy. They help to regulate pressure fluctuations, keeping your system at the ideal pressure it needs. To make sure the accumulator is working as it should to store the proper amount of energy in your well, it needs to be tested regularly.

Fusion Testing handles accumulator testing for your oil well. We will test your hydraulic power unit for weaknesses that could disrupt the whole system, as well as other issues that limit the efficiency of the accumulator.

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Pressure Control Testing

Fusion Testing can provide function and pre-charge testing on your accumulator that will make sure the accumulator is operating at full speed and not slowing you down in any way. We’ll also make sure it’s not wasting energy.

These tests will determine how successful your accumulator is at storing energy and keeping your pressure at an ideal level without heavy fluctuations. These tests will be able to pick up a significant increase or decrease in pressure.

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