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Hydrostatic Testing for the Permian Basin

Fusion Testing is a trusted choice for hydrostatic testing, also known as hydro testing, which is the most efficient way to test the pressure of your oil well system. Regular testing of your system’s pipelines is essential for the detection of leaks or weak spots in your system. Our testing services help ensure the safety of your well and your employees.

Fusion Testing provides hydrostatic testing services within a 150-mile radius of Midland, TX. Our services are trusted throughout the Permian Basin, including Odessa, TX. We are a trusted source of hydraulic pump repair and the replacement parts you need to fix a problem with your pipeline. Leave these repairs and services to us so you have more time to manage other aspects of your oilfield site. We help keep your oilfield running efficiently, producing the results you want.


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Streamlined Hydrostatic Testing Services

The hydrostatic testing services provided by Fusion Testing will address class changes, line reversals, bore section pre-tests, product changes, MAOP validation, and other issues we need to look for to meet environmental regulations. We specialize in pressure testing services, including BOP pressure testing and torque testing. You can also feel comfortable coming to us for all sorts of repair services. We can service any brand or model and are backed by a huge inventory of parts to handle any issue big or small.



Fusion Testing is Midland, TX’s most reliable choice for hydrostatic testing. We provide hydrostatic testing, hydraulic pump repair, and replacement parts for oilfield businesses in the area. As an equipment supplier, you can count on us for everything you need.

Give us a call today to schedule hydrostatic testing services. Our services can address class changes and line reversals while helping you meet environmental regulations. We can provide the accurate pressure testing your oilfield needs.


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